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Acquired Grandmothers 1972 TR6 - Need help understanding where to start

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  • Acquired Grandmothers 1972 TR6 - Need help understanding where to start

    I debated whether or not to piggy back on the 'about to acquire my dad's '76' post, (some good information there) but given that I'm starting from a drastically different point, I decided otherwise.

    I just recently received grandmothers approval to pull her TR6 out from under the awning and bring it to it's new home.

    It hasn't run in 25+ yrs, wasn't well taken care of, other than the awning and sitting on concrete, needs significant work, and I'm looking for a place to start.

    I remember my grandfather always looking through Victoria British magazines, but I sent some questions to some local Houston British car "specialists", and one of them commented that VB had very poor quality parts. The comment was specific to the interior, but just curious if some of you can help point me in a starting direction as to where to buy parts, because I'm going to need a lot of them.

    Only news so far is that I put air in the tires (still need to be replaced), bought a new battery and the engine isn't seized.

    Also, if anyone in or around my area (Houston) has an recommendations for shops or individuals who are experienced & trustworthy, I would greatly appreciate it. I plan on doing the majority of the work myself, but there will no doubt be things that require experience/machines/tools I don't have.

    Plus, If I get this done in a decent time frame, I still have an opportunity to go pick up the old bird and take her on a joy ride. You should have seen her face light up when she saw it had air in the tires and was rolling again.

    Life's mission right now...

    Thanks in advance.


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    Congratulations on your new mission. This looks like one I've been watching for decades. Is this the one from tanglewood in cs?


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      Congratulations on saving your grandmother's TR6! To answer your question, The Roadster Factory and Moss Motors. TRF has a biweekly newsletter and there is always a sale on. We all look forward to many pictures and questions about bringing your car back to life. Good luck.
      1972 Sapphire TR6 #CC84,something

      1959 Red TR3 (Wife's)


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        Congrats also.
        From your pic I see OE brushed aluminum wheels rings on the driver's side without curb rash. Don't know what the right side looks like, but hold on to those and put them back in service when the car's ready to roll. At first glance I thought the tires were the Goodyear's that came when delivered, but I think I was wrong.
        It only takes time and money. Have fun.
        1974 TR6 CF19837U


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          Another congratulations! Your grandmother must be an interesting lady!
          The car has a nice patina and looks pretty solid so hopefully its just the soft stuff that you have to replace. I don't know if there is a club near you but many times you can do it yourself with some advice of the more seasoned. There are some great resources on the internet such as this forum which with few exceptions is far friendlier than the equivalent for other British or German marques. There are some great owner sites, Bob Danielson springs to mind and Club sites like Buckeye Triumphs, the Moss site gets more helpful every year. Don't be afraid to dive in and try it yourself, if apprehensive you can always post a question for "watch outs" before you start a project and get some hard earned advice before you turn your first wrench.
          There are some youtubes on starting cars after sitting, getting some oil in the cylinders and letting them soak for a few days won't hurt. Distributor advance can freeze after sitting (but may free up) and you can expect the diaphragms on the carbs to be toast but you aren't spending any real money to check these things. You may want to drain and check the fuel tank for rust before you fill it with new gas, for cars that have been sitting I general start them from a separate container and use a filter as close to the carbs as I can. All this is easily doable and you'd spend hundreds to have it done for you.
          Welcome and good luck!
          Racine, WI


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            Your grandmother sounds like mine, except she drove a '68 Camaro that i would borrow whenever my Beetle wasn't running. Looks like a great project, and a clean body in a cool color.
            Bill Connell
            1969 TR6 CC28790
            St. Paul MN


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              Looks in good shape WC. And it has a hard top!


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                I suppose washing it would be a great start

                Big question...will you or are you capable of doing some of the work?

                I doubt whatever is in the tank isn’t in liquid form. You’ll wanna pull the tank & clean it. Apple Cider vinegar and a chain rattled around will do a great job. It’s fairly easy to pull the tank. If you get that far write back.

                Replace all rubber lines. If you’re luck, the line won’t be blocked.

                Drain coolant from radiator and block. Replace all hoses

                Get some Marvel Mystery Oil & put some in each cylinder. Turn the engine over by hand

                That'd be a great start
                So much rust, so little time


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                  ibjean325 commented
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                  LOL "So much rust....."
                  So true!

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                Once you get the car running, I'd would suggest making sure it stops properly. As recommended by another poster, replace all the rubber lines, this would include all the brake lines. You might consider rebuilding your calipers-do it yourself or send them out-I recommend Ted at TSI-quick turnaround, but there are other vendors. Clutch master and slave cylinder should be replaced if inoperable-I never knew anyone that successfully rebuilt them-corrosion from water usually pits them and six-months down the road you are back to square one. Most vendors are carrying about the same quality of parts-there are only so many manufactures of our car parts that they all buy from. I use all the big three-Moss, TRF and from overseas Rimmer Brothers. I knew one TR6 shop, now out of business in CT, that only purchased from Victoria British. They seem to have the lowest prices, however, I can't comment on their quality as I never purchased from them. Smaller vendors that have great quality parts-usually aftermarket are Goodparts (Richard Good) and my personal favorite Wishbone Classics.
                I am sure you will discover others.


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                  William, I'm so pleased that you joined the 6-pack! I told you you would receive a warm welcome and answers will start materializing! You may want to start a build thread, and I'll join in too!


                  Acquired Grandmothers 1972 TR6 - Need help understanding where to start




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