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  • I really should not have...

    My first car in '77 was a '63 TR3A with no seats, a transmission/OD in trunk, a spare engine in passenger side, another transmission in driver side, and yet another engine/transmission pulled out in the High School auto shop with a broken crankshaft. Spent a few months putting parts back together with '72 MG seats and new home made interior. That little red LBC is legendary around that little town.

    My second car in '79 was a '65 TR4A with a trashed engine. Burned valve(s) and shattered rings. But it had an OD. Transplanted a TR3 engine into it plus TR6 IRS in place of the original solid axle. Eventually suffered a broken crankshaft and as a time and money starved college student I could not do it justice.

    So the other day I find this '75 TR6 on Ebay. I am in the middle of a kitchen remodel. I just bought a "new" house a few months ago and have not finished unpacking. I started a divorce that is not quite wrapped up. I have a '68 Chevy El Camino project in the garage. I should be building a hanger at my airport home and then an airplane. I *really* do not need another project, right?

    I am weak for LBCs and at least this is all there more than a TR8 that was tempting me.

    BTW: is it worth my time going to Triumphfest in Sacramento this weekend even if I cannot drive my own TR? (it *really* needs a rear differential re-seal and I know from experience what happens if you do not deal with *that* particular problem, BTDT)

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    Yep. To see all the cars, ask all the questions, meet all the people.

    Careful, the visit will get your juices flowing.

    Funcours on Saturday AM is a must.

    Plus the vendors, typically TRF brings a room full of parts.
    '74 TR6 CF13007U aka "Mr. T"
    Custom Blue (Delft-Like) and New Tan (Formerly Mallard and New Tan)
    Points, Ballast Bypassed, Bosch Blue Coil, Moss Cobalt Wires, Champion RN12YC plugs.
    Peaks and tweaks, but the spirit of Original
    Redlines always.
    My wife is the Driver, I'm just the Mechanic....


    I really should not have...




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