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Arizona Reno project

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  • can we have TRials at your house (i mean, sans bugs, natch)?
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    • Well, theres plenty of parking. We could do a car show in the backyard on the half acre reserved for future structures

      I started working on my trailer. Its too bad my motivation is at 16.334%. The low numbers are caused by the direct sun at 5pm with a temp of 113


      • Originally posted by Chandlerazman View Post
        . The low numbers are caused by the direct sun at 5pm with a temp of 113

        Can't imagine having to cope with that kind of heat.


        • You really get used to it. I still prefer high dry temps over any kind of humidity. It has been raining here the last few days. Power was knocked out for two days. Outside temps were in the 70's but humidity was in the 80's. I was drenched through that time. It solidified my decision to never go back to a humid place. yes, the high heat isn't fun but at least you don't sweat. I hate sweat. Not my cuppa tea!


          • We've been having some heavy rainstorms which have kept the temps below 100 despite the humidity being up. I'd rather have the 100's with no humidity. The amount of sweat pouring out is so uncomfortable. I have been keeping a change of clothes in my truck. I took advantage of the 80-90 degree weather to finish the trailer floor. It came out really nice. Bondo'd the screw holes and imperfections and floor sanded the whole thing. Two color coats, chip coat and finally two clear poly coats leave me with a durable easy to clean floor. I used Sherwin Williams Tile Clad epoxy and Armor Seal HS for the clear. I also reinforced the rear door to handle my Bobcat, new steel square tubes, another door spring assist hook. (Will be replacing the single side roll up spring) and insulated the door for giggles. New 3/4" maple smooth plywood finishes it off.

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            Our last storm which knocked out power for two days. I had to drain and refill pool to remove over 100lbs of debris and mud. This was a 20 year storm. Hale damaged my new ac's but my vehicles were spared.

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            • Took an aerial photo shoot yesterday to survey all the lines buried underground along with the landscapers irrigation system. As soon as I took off, my one neighbor who's been an ass and constant harassment called the police. They told him I was not doing anything illegal. When the police came to my door, the first thing they wanted to do is take pictures of the house! One gave me his card and said he'd be interested in buying it if I ever sold. Quite an honor I felt. Needless to say, I am headed to the county courthouse for an injunction of harassment protection. I had enough.
              Anyway, the construction is now limited to the exterior landscape with two large sections of grass around the lounge chairs separated by blue Mexican beach rocks from the Baja coast.

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              • Simon, after all this time I'm following you.....all is astonishing.... You have taste, skills........!

                Anything you can do to save your AC ?
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                • I just noticed the portrait of You & Marie in the top photo! Hi guys!

                  Your neighbor is nuts. You are increasing the value of his property by the improvements to yours. Got to be jealousy.

                  Your design abilities are immense, that you imagined you could create what you created there. Another Taj Mahal variation.

                  I used to do landscaping designs in CA. I used naturally colored rocks & gravel (malachite-green) when I could sell the idea, though some clients insisted on grass. Gravel didn't require water, a precious commodity.
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                  Arizona Reno project




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