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Anyone want to play motorcycle?

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  • Anyone want to play motorcycle?

    I’ve got a friend’s 1994 Harley 883 XLH. She asked me to see if I could “get it running” after it sat for almost 15 years in her backyard.

    What I’ve done:

    Removed and cleaned the carb (and tank), replaced the fuel line from the tank and the inlet elbow to the carb, new fuel (note: when I initially replaced the carb, the fuel ran out of the overflow line onto the ground while cranking, no other leaks found; I’ve removed the bowl again and cleaned (again) the needle valve and float and ensured the float closes properly the needle/fuel (by blowing in the fuel line and moving the float up and down); doesn’t leak).

    New spark plugs, topped off the oil (engine and tranny oil will be changed at some point once it's running), new battery.

    I put some Marvel Mystery oil in the cylinders and let it sit for a day or so. It turns over nicely (I pushed it around for a bit, in gear, to make sure the pistons were moving prior to starting). Seems to have compression and everything moves; sounds right. New plugs are not fouled after turning over (I cranked it for a bit with the plugs out to clear out the oil). I smell gas in the cylinders.

    Tried starting with a shot of carb cleaner directly into the intake manifold (no carb on).


    Won’t start.

    So, I started looking at the electrical and can’t discern any spark (plugs removed, stuck in plug wires, held the bases against the cylinder heads while cranking).

    Checked stator resistance (repair manual says it should be .3-.4 ohms…I’m getting .5).

    Checked voltage at coil (12v).

    All electrics (lights, turn signals, ignition) work.

    Many/most of you know the electrics are not my forte (among other things, of course), but I’m guessing there’s something amiss which is preventing a spark at the plugs (I have not yet replaced the plug wires).

    Just wondering if there’s something I can look at given my limited electrical skills or something you see that I’ve overlooked or done incorrectly.

    [Apologies in advance for talking about a motorcycle on here; maybe it would help if you thought of this as half a car?]

    "PD" - 1973 Mallard TR6

Anyone want to play motorcycle?




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