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Pop! Car won't move.

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  • Pop! Car won't move.

    I took out my 250 the other day. I was in reverse. O/D off. Shifted into 1st to go up a slight incline and POP noise. She won't move while in gear and motor running.

    I pushed her back into the garage and jacked her up all 4 off the ground.

    When in gear Driver rear causes Pass to move in reverse.

    She can be pushed while in gear as if in neutral.

    Thoughts gang?

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    3 things come to mind...clutch component, differential or you weren’t actually out of overdrive & went backwards. Let’s hope it’s not the 3rd option

    If you start the engine & operate the clutch, do you get the pressure on the pedal.

    Put it it up in the air & do the following

    Start it up & put it in gear & let the clutch out. Assuming the rear wheels won’t turn. Does the prop shaft turn? If it does, could be the diff.

    If the prop shaft doesn’t turn, the problem is gonna lie in the gearbox or bell housing(clutch)

    let us know
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      Turning the driver wheel forward, will cause the passenger wheel to turn backwards. I think the clutch disc broke on you. Could also be a failure in the gearbox where the countershaft has dropped and not meshing with the main shaft. This will cause the input shaft to just sit there and spin once you release the clutch.
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        l need to ask - is the differential "stock" or of the R300 type? The R300 has lock rings on the outboards that can pop out if there's a problem, like the half shafts seize in turns or that spring with the kit pops out the u-cap. The car will not be driving anywhere unless the side gear is seated. To let you know - I've been stranded by that.


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          Clutch center sheared. There was just another one of those found, was it here or on the other site?
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          Pop! Car won't move.




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