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Cylinder Head/Valves Question

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  • Cylinder Head/Valves Question

    Hi Guys,

    As part of my TR250 restoration, I will be doing a full engine rebuild. I’m at the point where I’m assembling parts to put everything back together.

    Here is where im struggling and could use some input.

    I am getting ready to buy new valves...I’ve already got new guides and seats, springs etc.

    Looking at Moss, BPNW and Roadster Factory I see I have various options at various price points.

    Moss has Stainless Steel and Stellite Tipped Stainless Steel Exhaust Valves

    BPNW has Stainless and Gas Flowed 214N Stainless Steel Valves

    Roadster Factory just says “Hardened”

    The Cost between the Stainless Steel and either the Stellite/Gas Flowed valves is quite significant (3-4x more per valve).

    My engine will be lightly modified...header, 150 hp cam, triple Webers. I’m not sure what head work has been done in the past to this car...I was only going to skim it for flatness.

    So, interested to hear your opinions/choices for valves.


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    Hi Tush,

    I'd see what Peter Burgess in the UK has to say. He's one of the top TR head gurus ( got one of his on the shelf ).

    The (2) heads I have in service were done by another UK specialist I would avoid ( he exhibits Contempt of Customer ) so won't mention. As they are very well rendered otherwise, likely state of the art at the time, they probably have the best available valves but I don't know which of the ones you list.

    If memory serves, TRIUMPH used Stellite valves originally.

    Great choice on the cam and carbs!



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      I guess there are two considerations when buying new valves - what they're made of and their shape.
      As for materials....your choice. If your car is set up and run properly I doubt there's that much difference in materials for a street car, although stainless for the exhaust valve probably makes sense.
      As to shape- in reading thru all sorts of performance books and charts and such, it turns out that the shape of the stock TR valve isn't really half bad and the shape of many of the valves pitched as high performance aren't. Stay away from any valves that are shaped like a "penny on a stick"...although its interesting that many of the valves pitched as gas flowed never really give a good picture. Back cutting the valves is probably the best, but really one is chasing very incremental stuff compared to compression, cam, carb and exhaust, which you are doing.
      Best of luck sorting it all out!


      Cylinder Head/Valves Question




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